Austin, TX

"Live music capital of the world"

Austin Disaster Relief organizers join forces to help their fellow Texans. (Credit: Jason Stanford)

When Hurricane Harvey was heading toward our state, Austin was told to expect 6,000 evacuees. Mayor Steve Adler filmed a Facebook live video asking Austinites to make welcome kits, announcing “company’s coming, and we’ve all got chores.” The kits included basic necessities such as towels, pillows, and blankets. So many people in Austin, and as it turns, the world, did so that Target and Walmart ran out of supplies, and the Austin Disaster Relief Network, a local faith-based coalition, had to expand their intake sites. So many welcome kits were turned in that the extras were shipped to relief shelters in the flooded and more heavily affected areas.

Austinites of all sizes jumped to lend a helping hand. (Credit: Jason Stanford)

The Mayor of Austin Shows Residents How to Welcome Guests