Banks, ID

"Listen to the quiet"

Riders take to horseback for a day traversing Bank’s rolling green hills. (Credit: Ga Neille Posey Hostvedt)

Banks, ID is a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts to white water raft through the mighty, surging Payette River, wander through the lush forest and listen to the quiet, breathe in deeply fragrant pine, pick wild huckleberries for a cobbler, spot eagles tumbling together in a springtime free fall, go horseback riding through a meadow carpeted with a kaleidoscope of wildflowers, or converse with local, friendly folks in a nearby old town country store. Here’s your refreshing, comforting escape from bustling, noisy, often stressful city life.

Stories About Banks

In small-town Banks, friendly townspeople make time to exchange stories with you — their well-received visitors! Wander into a well-worn, planked floor country store, where one proprietor handles all the work, smiles as soon as the door creaks, and welcomes you with a friendly, “Hello, how the heck are ya?” No need to ask questions about the area, folks here are glad to tell you the history. All you hear is a bird song and gentle breezes when doors open. You quickly learn that everyone’s a walking, talking historian, excited to share stories of what makes Banks, well, Banks.

Here stands preservations of original buildings: a gift to future generations, just like the shared and preserved stories. We follow our noses and then wander into the only restaurant where comfort food fills the menu – and you.

There’s the locals’ coffee clutch that gathers daily, chatting away as they reminisce upon the tales of yesteryears. They smile, ask where you’re all from, and then the lively interchange begins. They’ll tell you not to miss following the river – wildflowers are in bloom – so take a walk, try a wild rafting trip on the Payette that leaves several times daily from the river’s edge. They’ll even take your picture as you challenge the mighty river swell!

Another activity they suggest: choose a pony, then ride into a daisy laden meadow. The horse without teeth is the gentlest, for novice riders. The gray-bearded oldster recommends the homemade pies (oh, the huckleberry pie, please!), a special treat and a good way to finish a meal.

How about the area’s homemade huckleberry jams and jellies? Go back to the mercantile store to take some home! If you’ve timed it right, you might find huckleberries before the bears, if you’re ready for a woodland hike.

Who doesn’t love a town like this where locals are glad you came to visit and hate to see you leave?

An outdoor sports hotspot, white water rafters work together to stay on course. (Credit: Ga Neille Posey Hostvedt)