Bayside Community Church in East Bradenton, FL

"Most amazing people ever"

Bayside Community Church volunteers feeding hungry folks in need after the hurricane. (Credit: Cheryl Pipkin)

There is not a single person that volunteers or is on staff there who is not selfless. They have mission groups that go all around the world to spread God’s word and love as well as love for each other. They take care of the homeless, they feed the depressed areas as well as provide care for those suffering due to loss.

Stories About Bayside Community Church

They have a “Night To Shine,” the Tim Tebow charity, and provide escorts as well as a wonderful evening for all to enjoy. They provide jail ministries for three counties with volunteers being there to minister to inmates.

It’s a “Night to Shine” at Bayside. (Credit: Cheryl Pipkin)

During a hurricane last year, they provided hundreds and hundreds of cases of water to those affected/impacted in the area whether you went to the church or not. After the hurricane impacted the state, they sent teams out to work in areas hardest hit. They provided meals, water and supplies as well as a lot of man power to help people get back on their feet because it was the right thing to do. They did not ask for compensation.

Hurricane supplies gathered and distributed by the church. (Credit: Cheryl Pipkin)

Every year they collect plastic boxes filled with small items for orphans in Zimbabwe and ship them over to the orphanage they support. They travel there to build buildings, dig wells and pass out the gifts. They offer assistance to those in the depressed areas free of charge for after school care, homework assistance etc.

Every year there is a volunteer day where we “paint the town blue” (the color of our volunteer shirts) and pick up trash, hand out water on the street, paint houses, scrub walls/floors in schools, free hair cuts, free food — virtually everything. I have never seen such generosity given so freely and with nothing expected in return. If you ask for prayer, they will gather round you and pray for you.

They provide help for unwed mothers, those who suffer damages to their homes — rebuilding, replacing appliances, repainting etc. They did 15 wishes where they reached out and helped 15 deserving families/individuals that were dealing with some pretty severe issues. From providing for a new widow and her young children who lost her husband in the service, to a dying woman getting a much needed roof on her home so she could leave this earth knowing her family would not have to lose their home, to the battered woman with her young children who needed a vehicle so they could go to school and she could go to work — their generosity knows no bounds.

Bayside members are always willing to help out, no matter the need. (Credit: Cheryl Pipkin)

There is so many people there that exude their vision statement and they always go above and beyond what is expected. I love Bayside Community Church (main location 15800 State Route 64, Bradenton, FL 34212).

Learn more at their website and on Facebook.

People are always happy to come to services at Bayside. (Credit: Cheryl Pipkin)