Chickasaw Point in Westminster, SC

"The best choice I ever made"

The Chickasaw Point Women’s Club gets their groove on. (Credit: Nancy Aden)

This is a small community of full- and part-time home owners who living around Lake Hartwell. Everyone waves as they drive by, and when anyone needs a hand, they’re always there to help. We welcome new residents with a committee and lots of goodies. We have community activities like pancake breakfasts, grill-your-own-steak night, a Christmas dance, New Year’s Eve party, and much more to bring our residents together. Friday nights are happy hour, which is a fun opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.

Stories About Chickasaw Point

When someone in the community passes away, we all do whatever we can to help out the family. If a reception is in the community, the Women’s Club will provide a ham, cups, plates and napkins, as well as covered dishes for the family to share. Many times we don’t know the older residents that pass away, but it doesn’t stop everyone from helping! We have a care line that will handle any need that arises, from walking your dog, to taking you appointments, or even just coming by to keep you company. All are done with a smile and a kind word. We also have a Facebook page where residents and friends post everything from, who knows, a good carpenter to pictures of special family events.

Merry Christmas from Chickasaw Point! (Credit: Marilyn Smith)

Marilyn’s Story

We moved into our home five years ago after retiring and moving from Ohio. The weather was the draw but once there, we found it to be the friendliest, most beautiful and most relaxing place we’ve ever been in. We own our golf course, which is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen. All the work done on the course is volunteered. We have a marina, Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis/pickleball courts and boat ramp. Every Friday night we have happy hour at our grill, which is always packed with friends. No one cares about what you have, what you did, where you came from. We do a lot of hugging! We couldn’t have found a better place to live!

One time there was a fire and a home demolished. The community rallied together to take care of the family who eventually rebuilt their home. They lost their precious dog in the fire. The community did a fundraiser in her name and we gathered several truckloads of food which was delivered to the Humane Society. Whenever there is sickness, the ladies group helps with transportation and meals. Our Women’s Club supports a Children’s Home with Christmas gifts, beach bags, Easter baskets, school bags and more.