Clarke Farms in Parker, CO

"Need help? We've got you covered"

In Clarke Farms, your neighbors aren’t just your neighbors. They’re you’re friends. (Credit: Jessi Eagan)

I have lived all over Colorado, including Littleton, Boulder, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and now Parker. In Clarke Farms, my neighborhood, live the nicest, kookiest bunch of people. You need help watching your pup? Your neighbors are there for you. Moving a couch? Your neighbors are there for you. We celebrate all holidays together, have weekly block parties, and truly care for one another.

A Fourth of July block party, though a fun time is never far away in Clarke Farms. (Credit: Jessi Eagan)
Never afraid to show their goofy sides, Clarke Hill residents break out the matching My Little Pony masks. (Credit: Jessi Eagan)

Stories About Parker

I had surgery on my foot one Halloween, and my neighbors carried a couch out to their driveway to sit on so I could be apart of the campfire and be comfortable! Another time, my new puppy was having accidents in the house and tearing things up, and the next day my neighbors showed up with a baby monitor and camera so I could talk to my dog while I was gone to make him less stressed. Plus, we have weekly block parties called FAC (Friday Afternoon Club), where we have a potluck and campfire and dance party!

Friday Afternoon Club is fun for all ages. (Credit: Jessi Eagan)