Coffee Therapy in Sioux Center, IA

"Neighborhood coffee counter"

The coffee therapy ladies gather to celebrate a wedding. (Credit: Janet Boone)

Every Tuesday morning, six women gather for coffee around our neighbor’s counter where she paints our fingernails and we talk about life. We call it our coffee therapy. A few weeks ago I was sharing about a young mom of seven who has had some physical hardships, and after much doctoring — surgeries, etc. — has still been unable to resolve them. On the spot, this group offered to fund a nanny for the entire summer for this family and go and do spring house cleaning during our next Tuesday morning. On that Tuesday, our cleaning time was finished, but we had not gotten the windows washed. So I called our local window washing service, No Streaking, and they agreed to wash their windows as a gift to them also! Many others have brought meals over the last two years and helped with babysitting and cleaning also. But this group blew me away with their generosity.