Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Library and Park Plaza in Columbus, OH

"Open to all"

The newly renovated library has become a hub for young minds. (Courtesy Columbus Metropolitan Library)

Columbus Metropolitan Library renovated its Main Library in 2016, marking the building’s first renovation in 25 years. The result is a welcoming, natural light-filled community space with wide open views and lots of room to relax and enjoy a good book, take advantage of free WiFi or gather and collaborate with other members of the community. One major piece of the renovation was the transformation of an empty and unused parking lot to the building’s immediate east into a lush, usable green space that we call our Park Plaza. The plaza provides customers with beautiful outdoor reading space and a seamless transition into the neighboring Topiary Park, which had been a hidden gem in downtown Columbus. The Park Plaza and Topiary Park both offer customers a calm and serene respite from the daily grind of urban Columbus.

Stories About Columbus Metropolitan Main Library and Park Plaza

There is a beautiful historic building next to our Main Library. It was the Ohio School for the Deaf dating from the 1820s through the 1950s. In the years after its closing, however, it became vacant and fell into disrepair. In 2013, Columbus Metropolitan Library purchased the property and sold it to a college-prep high school, which has since rejuvenated this historic structure. Now, the building and surrounding park is filled with high school students, and Columbus Metropolitan Library serves as the school’s library.

What once was a vacant and crumbling building, bordered by an unused parking lot adjacent to a hidden park, has now come alive with use by young minds. This connection has also led to a strengthened community partnerships, enabling CML to host outdoor events, concerts and much more.

Probably a lot nicer than most libraries high schools get to call their own! (Credit: Tec Studio Inc./Courtesy Columbus Metropolitan Library)