Croton-on-Hudson, NY

"Welcome home"

Not a cloud in the sky in Croton-on-Hudson. (Credit: Judith Becker)

Croton-on-Hudson sits on the Hudson River in Westchester County, with wonderful homes that are both restored and brand new. Both businesses and residents alike are proud to live here, and their love of Croton-on-Hudson shows. The streets are lined with excellent diners, restaurants, and schools — there’s a real sense of value in living here. After moving away once, I returned and felt as though I had never left. The road leading into Croton-on-Hudson, Route 129, is sheltered by a tunnel of trees to welcome you home.

Stories About Westchester County

My husband was away during a major snowstorm, and clearing a path out of the house on our own seemed Sisyphean, but we were able to clear our driveway and cars in less than half an hour. Afterwards, we all ended up at a neighbor’s house, where hot chocolate flowed and kids were covered head to toe in snow, it was a scene worthy of Currier and Ives. We all stayed connected, forming an unspoken pact to help each other out whenever necessary. All of the neighborhood kids are always taken care of, and we have a neighborhood block party each Memorial Day to celebrate with each other. Amazing place, even more amazing people.

Croton-on-Hudson is just up the river from New York City. (Credit: Judith Becker)