Curb Side Coffee House in Taylor, TX

"Happy place" and "Friendliest little coffee house in Texas!"

Stop in for a cup or a kind word. (Credit: Isabella Tebeau)

As a barista at Curb Side Coffee House, it’s my daily goal to make sure everybody who walks out our front door leaves happier than they entered. While other people go to “work,” I go to my happy place and make others happy too. It’s the happiest job on Earth.

Stories About Curb Side Coffee House

People believe in “pay it forward,” and if someone is short of change there is guaranteed another patron willing to pitch in. This is a place where friendships are made.

On the Good News Taylor Made Facebook page, people post about the good things that happen to them every single day, and you’ll find an inspirational quote to start each morning. We even have a slogan: Kindness — it’s a Taylor thing. We regularly perform random acts of kindness and host Kindness Matters projects. Taylor is all about good news and kindness, we are Taylor Made.

Good and bad things happen every day. It’s up to us what we choose to focus on. Choose happy.