DeLand, FL

"We have it all"

Residents roam the stores in DeLand’s downtown. (Credit: Theresa Walker)

In DeLand, you’ll find great history, art, festivals, gardens, fields of horses and cattle, and a fantastic downtown complete with quaint mom and pop shops, antique stores, and eateries with outdoor dining. It’s near Daytona Beach and Orlando if you seek out more dining, events, and things to do (not many can say they live near Disney World), yet out of the hustle-and-bustle of the larger cities. The people are very welcoming, helpful and kind. DeLand is a very relaxing town.

Stories About DeLand

Our puppy ran away when she got zapped by our electric horse fence, I asked all the neighbors if they had seen her. I know my neighbors and they know all our pets, they offered to keep their eye out for her. I posted her picture all over local lost-and-found groups on Facebook (there are more than I expected!) and many locals shared my post and offered helpful advise and heartfelt sentiments. She was found the next evening at sunset walking on the road heading back toward our house, the same road on which I listed she was losts. Her saviors say she jumped in their car and stayed with them for 30 minutes before they located us on Facebook and called. Apparently, our puppy had run through a cow pasture and orange grove, which are in front of our property. So many Facebook friends again sent their congratulatory comments. I can’t believe she was found within 24 hours through Facebook! We have a wonderful community in DeLand!