Eagar, AZ

"Eagar is eager to meet you!"

Friends of all ages four-wheel together in Eagar. (Credit: Dorie Haws)

It’s a little place in the White Mountains of Arizona where people always come together for a good cause — I’m simply amazed at how welcoming they are, how helpful they are to someone hurting or in need — I love this place!

People stop with goodies to share on a regular basis. People wave to other people as they are going down Main Street in their cars (even if you don’t know them). You can’t run in to the local drink shop without someone asking you how things are and checking in to see if you need something. If someone passes away, there’s refrigerators full of food in a couple of hours — no one waits for someone to organize it — you just do it because you care.

Neighbors, friends, and family gather to mourn the loss of a loved one and send their condolences. (Credit: Dorie Haws)
A day in Haws Park with friends wouldn’t be complete without a little Dutch oven cooking. (Credit: Dorie Haws)

Those of us who don’t live in Eagar anymore but live close by each other, plan “Eagar folk get togethers,” just to have that feeling of love again!

Two friends happily during a day of fun in the park. (Credit: Dorie Haws)