Franklin, IN

"So much fun, you won't want to leave!"

The Franklin courthouse down on Main Street. (Credit: Jill Bode)

Franklin is not the town I was raised in, but it has become my hometown. I’ve lived many other places, but once I settled here, I felt I belonged. There’s more diversity, community spirit, and general niceness here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.

A mural created by residents of Franklin and displayed on a government building downtown. (Credit: Jill Bode)

I tell my friends who aren’t from my little town that Franklin is the Nicest Place in America. Before each movie, we all stand up and sing The Star Bangled Banner with our hands over our hearts. When you stop by the local bank, you can actually stick your head in and say “hi” to the bank president and he knows your name and will ask about your spouse, your dog, or your garden. When you stop at an intersection in our town, 25% of the time someone will wave you through first, even if you weren’t the first to arrive. Seriously, it happens to me at least once a day. If you walk your dog on one of our sidewalks or trails, don’t be alarmed if folks honk “hello” to you.

After our town flooded in 2008, everyone (even if their home flooded) helped out their neighbors and friends. Several flooded businesses were re-opened within days because of the outpouring of help.

A visitor from the UK and a former Franklinite at the 2016 Indiana bicentennial celebration in downtown Franklin. (Credit: Jill Bode)

At the 4-H County Fair each year, a group of local businessmen make sure that every last 4-H animal put up for auction is purchased. Sometimes they stay there for 6-7 hours pooling their money and bidding on animals so that every single 4-H kid walks away with some cash.

Why You Should Visit Franklin