Gatlinburg, TN

"Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains" and "Where nature and tourists meet"

Gatlinburg dressed in Autumn colors. (Credit: Sherry Cannon)

A small tourist town with friendly and kind residents, people here in Gatlinburg are always ready to help visitors with anything they need. We love our town and love to help our many visitors.

You can head downtown for all the tourism and recreation Gatlinburg has to offer, then go for a walk or drive and be in the full beauty of nature in minutes. Locals are all so friendly, southerners just are for some reason. Bless them. Gatlinburg is so worthy of love, from the Smoky Mountains, to Cade’s Cove, and even the brassiness of Dollywood! There’s lots to do here, and there’s nothing to do here. Whatever your heart desires.

Gatlinburg is both a restauranteur’s and hiker’s delight. (Credit: Julia Lowe)

Stories About Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg was plagued by wildfires in November 2016. The community came together to help each other with countless acts of kindness. Hundreds of volunteers helped clear properties, prepare meals, and shelter residents. Our slogan became “Mountain Strong,” as we became stronger as a community by help each other. We are still rebuilding.

Business owners, librarians, and residents are all so friendly and make you feel welcome every time you’re around.