Granbury, TX

"A small piece of heaven in Texas" and "Where history lives"

Let the Granbury wind gently tickle your ears. (Credit: Bill Meeker)

Granbury is the epitome of freedom, opportunity, enjoyment, and an excellent quality of life.Everyone says hi and welcomes you with arms wide open. This community loves their children and focus on taking care of our elderly, and we’re big on charity work. There are dozens of local volunteering programs. Dinosaur Valley State Park is nearby, and we have a legends and ghost tours frequently. Granbury has dozens of recreational areas including, golf, tennis, walking trails, horse riding, water recreation, boating, and nature activities. There is a native plant and animal sanctuary nearby for school trips and the general public, where bird watching a favorite. The historic David Crockett family settled here in the 1830’s and several events honor the history. Artists abound locally, from beginner’s work to professional art galleries. There are many local music, drama, and entertainment venues, as well including our own Orchestra and Big Band for dancing and much more.

American pride comes rolling through Granbury. (Credit: Bill Meeker)

Everyone says “hi” to you. Everyone welcomes you with arms wide open. This community loves their children and focus on taking care of our elderly. Charity work is big here. We moved from California last year and this community has taken us in.

Stories About Granbury

Granbury has a nonprofit Second Chance Farm that takes in all the disabled and abandoned animals that otherwise would be left for dead. It is one of the best examples of the typical behavior for the caring folks in Granbury.

Amanda’s Story

We moved to Granbury last year and need to put a fence up for our dogs and children . Our neighbor didn’t hesitate for even a second to help. He came out in the July heat and spent hours putting it up. Our church raised thousands of dollars to help send our kids to summer camp, and the salon I work at welcomed me with open arms when I was in need of employment. I don’t think you’ll find a friendlier community anywhere!

The Triple Cross Cowboy Church raises money for various charities, and even sends local kids to camp! (Credit: Amanda Redelsperger)