Grifols Biomat USA in Frederick, MD

"Where donors become friends"

A Grifols Biomat USA employee prepares to draw plasma from a donor for use in medications. (Credit: Miranda Prather)

From the start, the Grifols family founded a company based on a certain set of ideals: concern for patients, commitment to contributing to the public good, exchange of scientific knowledge, and the innovation to discover and develop new devices. That commitment led to the development of plasmapheresis in 1950, and the saving of numerous lives through the kindness of strangers brought together through the donation and collection of plasma. The spirit of saving lives and the warmth of family are proudly on display at Grifols Biomat USA in Frederick, Maryland.

Stories About Grifols Biomat USA

At Grifols, staff and donors talk about their journeys. Our journeys normally begin from need — donors and staff are helping to save the lives of patients worldwide who cannot survive without the medications made from the donated plasma, all while making a living for themselves as well. As time goes on, staff and donors alike increase their awareness of how their actions go beyond simple monetary rewards. Out of that shared vision of saving lives, true friendships begin to blossom. It’s literally a place where everyone knows your name, but it goes much further than that. We get to know each other more and more each day as we spend our time together. When we lose a member of our family, we mourn their loss, honor their memory, and console their family because our donors’ families become our family, too. We celebrate everyone’s unique backgrounds, as well. The staff and donors and the surrounding community will be coming together later this month to have a community picnic. Last year the staff donated books and built a Little Free Library for the local community, and we have planned even more activities with the intention of giving back.