Hickory Hills, IL

"All are welcome!"

A new house quickly became a home for Leanne Evans. (Credit: Leanne Evans)

In October 2017, I moved into a single-family home in Hickory Hills. Since that time, I’ve already met almost all of my neighbors and have phone numbers for all “just in case of emergency.” I am a female and I live alone. This is worth everything to me that people are looking out for me…and they WANT TO. I am 48 years old and have never felt so welcomed and safe as I do where I live today. I cannot express how blessed I am to have found a home amongst such warm, caring and friendly people. I’m already involved several Park District programs (great offerings!) that have also introduced me to even more wonderful Hickory Hills residents.

Stories About Hickory Hills

On my move-in weekend, my alderman came right up to my door to introduce himself and shake my hand. He’s since stopped by to check on how I am settling in. My neighbor directly across the street from me brings my garbage and recycling cans in for me EVERY garbage day before I return home from work. I’ve found myself racing to bring his cans in whenever I’ve been lucky enough to get home before he pulls them in. My neighbors make me want me to return the favor; I want to show them the friendship they continually show me as the days pass.