Hixson, TN

"Small community with all the amenities"

A scenic hike through Coolidge Park. (Credit: Vicki Roginsky)

After living out west most our lives we up and moved to Hixson, TN, located about 25 miles from Chattanooga. Our first thought was humanity is still alive? I mean, it’s in Tennessee. We never get tired of the scenery and the people are overwhelmingly nice and always there to lend a helping hand.

When we first moved in, our neighbors stopped by to say hello and introduce themselves. They brought us a big basket of fruits and vegetables from their gardens. And when I had to go to Nashville to see a specialist, our neighbor even drove us there!

We absolutely love it out here and are glad we made the move.

It’s a nice peaceful place to live. The town is smaller than Chattanooga but has almost all the amenities you want in a small town such as restaurants, shops, a movie theater, mall, hospital, and more. Chattanooga is about a 15 minute drive with an airport and everything else you need. Beautiful parks like Chester Frost Park are just a few minutes away or within walking distance for people who live nearby.