Hudson, NC

"The real friendliest place on earth!"

Hudson is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. (Credit: Karen Ruhl)

We moved to Hudson six months ago and the people who live and work here are the friendliest I have every experienced. They are helpful, kind, and care about their community. The town is located between two larger cities but feels like it is small-town America with a touch of country. Enjoy the restaurants and businesses on Main Street and feel good walking around town. Everything you need is here, or close by. Visit the train museum or have a picnic in one of the many parks. Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a picture-perfect setting.

Stories About Hudson

When we first moved in, my husband had to go to the hospital by ambulance. We had only been here about a week and didn’t know anyone. Our neighbors came out to check on him and then followed up to see if I needed anything. Once my husband was home, they would stop by one-by-one to introduce themselves and see if we needed anything. Each one asked if we belonged to a church yet and invited us to join them at theirs (most everyone goes to a church here in Hudson).

Over the next couple of months, we learned more about our neighbors and had cakes and gifts brought over. Other neighbors are helping get the house fixed up and the yard in shape.

The town recently had a Butterfly Festival — each city worker and volunteer that we met wanted to be sure we were all set. They made a special provision for parking for my husband who is handicapped and needs a walker. The mayor, Janet Winkler, took time to walk the festival and stop by each booth. The maintenance crew kept the streets clean and were as friendly as they could be — quite a difference from what we have seen, especially as they work so hard at these events.

The town library has great people working there. They are helpful and will share their favorite selections of movies and books. They are always helping people using the computers and if you happen to run into them outside of the library, they remember you!