Johns Creek, GA

"Be the exception"

The Johns Creek community excitedly participates in the annual Founders Day Parade each December.(Credit: Jennifer Chapman)

Johns Creek is a community focused on celebrating the human spirit in every capacity. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and accepting community of inclusive neighbors and friends who are strengthened by the diversity in cultures and perspectives. People help and support one another. But for all the rich ethnic and cultural diversity, there’s still one common community philosophy embraced by everyone from school children to business leaders — success isn’t an accident. It takes work.

The tagline “be the exception” is a sincere invitation to those who work hard and have a great drive for personal and/or professional goals. Goals may be for the best schools or the top talent for your business. The invitation also is a call to motivate and pursue one’s best in the City of Johns Creek.

Perhaps that’s why leaders and achievers are attracted to Johns Creek. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo either. We are the exception to the everyday way of getting things done and our achievements, from the top performing schools to the most memorable performances in golf and tennis.

Much of the credit for Johns Creek comes down to its exceptional residents. Over the years, our citizens have done more than just raise families; they’ve raised standards as well. It’s the reason Johns Creek boasts the top schools, businesses, and residential communities. From the beautifully maintained surroundings to the quality of services offered, the diverse and welcoming community has become a role model for success.

Some people aren’t satisfied with standard fare. They want more and are willing to work for it. Johns Creek is the exception to the everyday.

Our police and fire departments are actively engaged with the community and work closely with residents and businesses to maintain a high standard of safety and commitment to help one another.

The Johns Creek Police Department hosts an annual “Truck-or-Treat” event during the Halloween season. (Credit: Jennifer Chapman)
A group of locals celebrate their cultural roots. (Credit: Jennifer Chapman)
Families enjoy the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Park Party at Shakerag Park. (Credit: Jennifer Chapman)
Local vendors sell fresh produce and vegetables at the summer-long Johns Creek Farmers Market at Newtown Park.(Credit: Jennifer Chapman)
A local family is spends a morning at Shakerag Park in Johns Creek. (Credit: Jennifer Chapman)
Kids fly fast down the slide at Shakerag Park. (Credit: Jennifer Chapman)

The Wall That Heals

The Friendly Faces of Johns Creek