Johnson Creek, WI

"Crossroads with a future"

Two ladies with “contagious joy” strut their stuff at the farmer’s market. (Credit: Fran B)

People a genuine and courteous still. They say thank you.

Stories About Johnson Creek

I slid off a rural road on a very snowy weekend day. Two snowmobile people stopped and asked if I was okay and needed help. I had already been out there for half-an-hour trying to call for a tow truck. They offered to stay until it was safe.

There are a lot of people who help elderly people with carrying groceries to cars — I being one of them. Men still hold open doors to retail places for women. People actually say “hi” to each other when they are walking dogs or jogging down a neighborhood street and pass each other. Neighbors wave to across-the-street neighbors when seen. There are still actual people at the stop signs acting as crossing guards for the elementary school in town.

A neighbor giving friends a free, fun boat ride! (Credit: Fran B)
Just a local resident waving as she drives by. (Credit: Fran B)