Kettering Cancer Center in Kettering, OH

"They make you feel good and give you hope"

The caregivers at Kettering really DO care! (Credit: Rebecca Adams)

From my doctor, Dr. Greg Gordon, to my favorite chemo nurse Paula H., they just make you happy, give you hope and you leave with a heart full and eager to tackle the week again. They give you tips for managing side effects and just listen to your concerns and help you deal with it. I love this place.

Stories About Kettering Cancer Center

Dr. Gordon laughed with me when I told him I missed my weekly chicken thighs and sauerkraut with creamy mashed potatoes. He allowed me a Reuben splurge on St Patrick’s Day since I’m Irish. He even asked the next week at my appointment how my Reuben was. He’s so caring, not only about my health care, but also about what is going on in my life outside of chemo.

Paula H. laughed with me (not at me but I’m sure she would have loved to) because I had a Neulasta pod connected to my upper arm to keep my white blood count up. I wasn’t home even 15 minutes when I ran into the door frame and knocked it completely out of my arm, the plastic needle that was attached came off along with the pod. I had to run to the Cancer Center the next day to get a Neulasta shot. Now she teases me when she puts a new one on my arm. She’s so fun to be with and so caring

This place has people that truly care. I specifically ask for Paula every time to do my chemo infusions. I will have a year of Herceptin infusions now but I’m still going to ask for Paula to do my them because she is so efficient with her job and also makes your time there enjoyable instead of being a depressing drag.