Kiss the Cook Restaurant and Catering in Paragould, AR

"KTC owner Libby Wamock-Glasco leads by example"

Kiss the Cook owner Libby Womack-Glasco and her husband Robby. (Credit: Stephen Posey)

Libby Wamock-Glasco, the owner of Kiss the Cook Restaurant and Catering, is the godparent of my children and, more importantly, was the best friend of my late wife. She personally and through her business has overcome economic hard times early on, but never forgot that there are less fortunate and in need of help. She had a jar on the counter where the tips put in it would go to that cause, person or family in need. It started out as a Friday thing. Now through her planning and preparing for her business and her employees, they do it everyday.

Stories About Kiss the Cook Restaurant and Catering

In the beginning, Kiss the Cook was like any business in a small town struggling to survive. Libby has always had a kind heart and helped out anyone in need, giving meals or volunteering her time to help out a neighbor or community charity in need through her business and personal efforts. Libby has never asked for what she doesn’t do her of herself. Helping out a widow/widower’s family, someone with a terminal illness, loss of home, children especially if it involved any aspect of a child. Through her effort others in the community and civic organizations have followed suit. She’s does nothing but build up others, including fellow business owners in the food industry, supporting wherever she can.

My late wife, Melanie, was her best friend during and even before my venture into their lives. Libby was in our wedding and her now-husband was a groomsman and one of my best friends. When Melanie and I decided to adopt through fostering program of Arkansas DHS, Libby and others welcomed this by organizing a baby shower, even though the kids were toddlers. The day my wife passed away in our home in front of me and our children, Libby and all of Melanie’s friends gave their time, money, and support to us, most importantly their love.

It will be four years this August 30 since Libby passed. Our “Gotcha Day,” where we welcomed our children into our family, is August 31. And it will be the same amount of years with us as a family and as without her as their mom. Libby has and is currently there for us.

The first Posey family photo. (Credit: Stephen Posey)
The last Posey family photo with Melanie. (Credit: Stephen Posey)

Many others in the community would have a similar experience to tell about Libby as I have. Libby has led by example through her faith, generosity, kindness, and, most importantly, by love. Her business is just a means to extend that to others in need.