La Crosse, WI

"Welcome to La Crosse"

La Crosse’s sign to welcome visitors in and residents home. (Credit: Debra Swenson)

I have lived here for over ten years, but it’s a big town with a small town feel. Main streets are decorated for each season. Neighborhoods are friendly. Kids can play outside. Ballgames are played in the summer. Parades march down the street. Communities constantly seek to improve and playgrounds are built for children. Medical facilities are great and staff is special. City representatives and councils are transparent and will hear all. Friends are made wherever you go. I love it here and I feel safe here.

Stories About La Crosse

We bought a camper and weren’t sure where to park it. I checked with the church next door and they did not own the property we were parked on. We were given the school’s phone number, and when I called I was treated like one of the family. So much kindness comes from everyone. I have been disabled with an unknown disease for five years, and for more than four years along the way I was introduced to many nurses, doctors and support staff who were so kind to me, a stranger. I still go there for treatment and I love all of these people. We celebrate Oktoberfest every year and that is another opportunity to see old friends, and always make new. The community pulls together and the celebration is always wonderful.