Lakewood Vista in Lakewood, CO

"It feels like home"

Local residents keep each other’s pets safe as well. (Credit: Sandy Sosnowski)

People say hello and smile. It’s a community of condominiums and town houses but you know that everyone is looking out for you and your family. Whether your family is two-legged or four-legged, you always feel safe.

In my little corner, the neighbors watch out for each other. For example, when it snows we will shovel each other’s patios or sweep debris off the patios and sidewalks. I was down on my luck for awhile and sometimes¬†I would find a bag of food on my doorstep or a hot meal.

I have lived all over the United States and have never experienced kindness like this before. We’re always doing things for each other simply because¬†we are neighbors and friends.

These caring condominium neighbors always have each other’s backs. (Credit: Sandy Sosnowski)