Ligonier, PA

"Beautiful town"

Christmas bandstand in Ligonier. (Credit: JoAnn Pochciol)

I would not want to live anywhere else but in Ligonier. In the middle of our town is a beautiful band stand where flowers and beautiful trees abound. In winter it is even more beautiful with Christmas lights decorating the band stand which we all call the “diamond.” The shop owners all put luminaries along the streets when it get dark. The people are all so friendly and we have several organizations that help the less fortunate with donations of hand knitted or crocheted items and food for the hungry. Out town is like a picture out of a magazine with all the little shops around town such as gifts shops that take you back to an earlier time. We also have historic Fort Ligonier, where there is a yearly celebration and re enactment of the French and Indian war. Best of all, I love a small town.

Stories About Ligonier

There are acts of kindness that are too numerous to mention. Just one of those is that our church has a choir that sings at funerals for the members of the parish and no money is collected for this act of kindness.