Logan Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, PA

"Love Logan Library"

Young and old alike enjoy the library. (Credit: Lynne Haase)

All are welcome here. Everyday, toddlers to seniors visit the library for story time, homework help, chess club, music lessons and music production class, gaming, coding, job application assistance and checking out materials. In addition, the library offers special programming including a state-of-the art fashion show, workshops around mass incarceration, health information, job and career workshops, astronomy club and much, much more.

Fashion show at the library. (Credit: Lynne Haase)

Stories About Logan Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia

We are a safe space and safe haven for all to come together. We offer help with resume-building and job applications. Some of our patrons are not computer literate and do not have computers or internet at home. We have staff, volunteers and work study students assisting. Patrons at the library offer each other help including offering change for copies and print outs. Last week, a patron bought lunch for a hungry adult. We have children’s programming including preschool story time and after school activities. Students not only have homework help but they can also learn to play the guitar, mix beats on FL Studio, join the gaming club, receive information about careers (including job corps and colleges). We have volunteers of all ages assisting with all programming and services.

Guitar lessons at the library. (Credit: Lynne Haase)
Sharing knowledge. (Credit: Lynne Haase)

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