Marshall, MO

"Nicest, friendliest lil' town in America"

The Pastors of Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church. (Credit: Cindy Barker)

We moved here five years ago and everyone has been so friendly and helpful, from neighbors that look out for each other and are always willing to help out, to doctors, churches, and even the police department.

Stories About Marshall

Our doctor’s office is amazing and knows us all by name. My primary doctor Brenda is the first doctor in years to really care and listen, and the only doctor to finally take me seriously and get me tested for lupus, which I had suspected I have had for over 20 years. Thanks to her my lupus is now diagnosed and being treated. The churches are helpful, one in particular helped us greatly when we lost our home and were camping in a park. They got together with their parishioners and got us strong bags, camping gear, even firewood and an ax so we could get more on our own. Then when we found a new home they helped us with money to get into it. Even the police department is nice and every year they pick a few needy families to “Shop with a Cop,” where the children get partnered with a local police officer to shop for Christmas gifts for themselves and their family. We love our little town.