New Baltimore, MI

"Gateway to the Bay"

A proud American town raised money to build the tallest flagpole in Michigan. (Credit: Robert Earle)

A great place for everything! On the shores of Lake St. Clair, the city has several access points to enjoy life on the water whether it’s renting a kayak or enjoying the sandy beach. Neighbors know each other and even strangers get a wave as they pass you by. Local police will even clean up your driveway after shooting a nuisance raccoon (actually happened to my parents). There are triathlons, 5Ks, and benefits for friends that passed before their time. Recently, the town came together to raise $90,000 for the tallest flag in Michigan. A town that has everything.

The tallest flagpole in Michigan measures 160 feet. (Credit: Robert Earle)

My parents had a nuisance raccoon in their neighborhood that they thought might have disease. The police were called and took care of the animal. My mother said she had to leave for an appointment and the police actually got rid of raccoon then sprayed down her driveway.

The town also has an annual event after a friend was killed in car accident.

The town holds an annual fundraiser in honor of former resident and town friend, Ed Accivatti, who was killed in a car accident. (Credit: Robert Earle)

It normally takes five years to endow a scholarship and the community raised it in two.