New Braunfels, TX

"Best German town in Texas"

The motorcade stops to wave at the New Braunfels Hometown Parade. (Credit: Melissa Mattaliano)

Here in New Braunfels, we are a friendly community always helping our neighbors. We have a rich German heritage which can be seen all over, and always welcome new comers and visitors with warm friendly smiles and a helping hand. We have that small town charm, with a sprawling metropolis around us. My town is full of life, smiles, and lots of helping hands.

New Braunfels strikes up the band for a patriotic concert in the park. (Credit: Melissa Mattaliano)

Stories About New Braunfels

We are often overlooked between two booming cities like San Antonio and Austin. Yet when you come here, you see people helping all over. Our helpful nature was especially prevalent when members of our community were taken in an accident that shook us all. Members of our local church were killed in a auto accident, and we all came together to offer comfort. We were a shoulder to lean on, meals for the families impacted, and a community hug for all. We have all done some healing since, but have never forgotten. Here in New Braunfels, we are just not a halfway point between two big cities: we are a gem in the great state of Texas, where your neighbors are more than the people across from you. They are your friends and family who are always happy to see you and help when needed.