Norwood Stables in Savannah, GA

"Our happy place"

Norwood Stables gave Marguerite great happiness after she and her family endured many struggles. (Credit: Marguerite Fischer)

Historic Savannah is known for its beautiful architecture, culture, and history along with the beauty of live oaks, azaleas, and magnolias. On the outskirts, lies Norwood Stables amongst the oak trees and a part of the community since the 1950s.

I had lost my radio career due to corporate and was feeling lost. One day I took my children to the stables for the petting zoo and pony rides. It was a decision that changed our lives. The barn is cared for mostly by volunteers where horses, ponies, goats, rabbits, donkeys and chickens reside. We felt we had finally found our happy place amongst the barn family.

Petting ponies at the stables spreads smiles across every visitor’s face. (Credit: Marguerite Fischer)

The turning point for us was when my 8-year-old daughter was bullied and beat up at school. The children and adults at the barn were so supportive with encouragement, love, and lots of hugs. I ended up choosing to homeschool my children.

The farm offered Marguerite’s daughter solace and comfort after she was bullied brutally at school. (Credit: Marguerite Fischer)

A few days later, Hurricane Matthew hit causing extensive damage to the farm. Our barn family came together cleaning, repairing, and rebuilding. The barn still bears scars from the hurricane and my daughter also has her scars but both are healing. Our barn, its people, and animals have become our happy place.

Friends, family, and neighbors banded together to help repair the farm after Hurricane Matthew’s struck. (Credit: Marguerite Fischer)