Payson, AZ

"Where everybody is family...West at its best!"

During the three brief hours I spent in Payson, I met the most compassionate people. Everyone from the nice woman at the shop to the woman at the gas station did not hesitate to help me get home to see my father who had a heart problem. I wish all towns were like this.

As I was passing through, I stopped at one of the specialty shops because I was short on cash. I asked to sell my eight-plate collection of Indian plates, but the saleswoman just gave me the money I needed to get back home instead.  She followed me outside and took one look at my tires and said, “You can’t go down the mountain with them.” Within 30 minutes, she had called the tire shop and before I knew it my car had four brand new tires. “I’ll pray for your safe journey home,” she said.  When I returned home, I immediately sent her the money back. I am still in shock from the kindness I received. I was nothing but a stranger and yet, they helped me out without hesitation.