Pickerington, OH

"Pickerington mother fighting to keep her son alive as he battles rare cancer"

Deany Bandavanis has been diagnosed with DIPG, a rare and extremely aggressive brain tumor. (Credit: Laurie Swaggerty)

This community has been raising the funds to send Deany Bandavanis out of the country every month to receive treatment for a rare brain cancer. Ashley, his mother, and her friends never stop thinking of ways to come up with the funds to continue.

Stories About Pickerington

On behalf of Longhorn Steakhouse in Pickerington, I come to tell you a story of a family who is very dear to our hearts. In March 2017, our dear friend and co-worker Ashley Bandavanis and her husband Dean received devastating news that their six-year-old son Deany had been diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a very aggressive, rare, and hard-to-treat brain tumor located in the bottom part of the brain stem called the PONS. The PONS controls all of your involuntary motor functions, like your heartbeat and breathing, making it inoperable. Nothing has ever successfully penetrated this part of the brain stem, the only avenue for treatment being radiation. Even radiation can’t completely eradicate the tumor, only slow it down. We are buying more time (4-6 months) so Deany can enjoy his life, but after that the tumor will return with a vengeance and likely take his life shortly after. There is no cure for DIPG. This type only effects about 300 children in the U.S. He is cared for by the oncology team at Nationwide Children’s hospital, led by Dr. Diana Osorio. Deany is loved by his family, including his eight-year-old brother Keller and the entire Family of Longhorn Steakhouse, and we appreciate any donation! Deany has been accepted into a clinical trial in Mexico and the cost of treatment isn’t covered by insurance, so all donations are going towards this treatment. #DeanyStrong