Port Malabar Holiday Park in Palm Bay, FL

"Family first"

A 96-year-old resident of Port Malabar Holiday Park starts off the community’s senior olympics in full regalia. (Credit: Becky Earnest)

I have been a resident of a senior community for almost 20 years. Holiday Park is special; need a ride to the doctor’s office, or to church? Someone is there to help. Know someone who would appreciate a home-cooked meal, it’s provided.

It’s not uncommon for visitors to stay a few days, or a week, and leave purchasing a home in Holiday Park, if they can find one for sale.

Holiday Park is more than a community, it is family and we all believe that family sticks together!

We recently had a Senior Olympic Day and a 96-year-old woman resident started the event dressed in patriotic clothes and carrying a torch announcing: Let the games begin!

When our manager left in the middle of a very large expansion project, a resident, with the necessary experience, stepped in and helped complete the project over the next five months while we searched for a new manager. His salary: $1.00 per month!