Prescott, AZ

"Everybody's home town"

Despite being located in the sunny Southwest, the friendly city of Prescott welcomes winter every year with a dazzling display. (Credit: Gary Horton)

I moved to Prescott, AZ about 16 months ago from the Tucson area. It has since turned out to be the best move I have ever made in my life. Reasons? A wonderful, mild four season climate, very friendly and caring neighbors, a perfect place to retire in every way, wide open spaces with mountains, forests, lakes and streams all around. If you enjoy the arts and entertainment, we have everything from rock to classical symphony concerts every month. We also have some of the best art galleries and museums in the Southwest. We also enjoy some great local restaurants for both formal and casual dining. If you’re concerned about healthcare, more than half of our residents are retired seniors and enjoy several large regional hospitals, urgent care facilities, senior living centers and fully staffed nursing home facilities. Nothing I can think of is missing here, especially for seniors.

I work part-time for Walgreen’s Pharmacy as a store associate. As one of the front register clerks in the evening, I have seen many customers in line who don’t have enough change to complete their purchases. Many times a customer behind them will quickly give them what they need to finish.

We have a great “welcome wagon” type service here for newcomers called NewCats. During a person’s first year residence, a wonderful couple from Ohio, who have lived here many years now, provide a free tour every month of various local attractions, events and even free movie theater experiences!

Everyone looks out for everyone else. The area around Prescott is considered one of the safest places to live in the Southwest. Crime, both property and more serious offenses, are extremely low. We all feel very safe, even walking around our neighborhoods at night.

I could go on with other great features and acts of kindness, but I think you get the point!

When 19 of the Granite Mountain Hotshots team members lost their lives in a tragic fire four years ago in Yarnell, AZ, Gayla Moore, a resident, and the rest of the community bonded together to help the families who lost loved ones and grieved together.  She and her husband have owned a small business in town for more than 13 years now. They both love this community and the caring, kind people who call Prescott their home.

They once had a customer who needed money for medical expenses.  Their store, Jay’s Bird Barn, hosted a free barbecue luncheon with a donations box.  People came in droves and opened their pocketbooks to fund a meaningful cause. Moore is proud to call Prescott her home.

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