Preston, MN

"Minnesota's trout capital"

Trout Days Grand Marshals Andy and Anita celebrate Preston during a parade. (Credit: Gabby Kinneberg)

As most know, you’ll find some really nice people in the Midwest. But even further, small town Midwestern people are even nicer! With a population of about 1,300, Preston has one of the most beautiful rivers running through our town, a strong history, and TROUT! We have a town celebration in the spring to celebrate all things trout, and in the offseason we invite people from all over the country to explore the 60 miles of paved trail we are connected to. Did I also mention we are veteran-friendly? We have made it our mission to be known as a veteran-friendly community. We are home to a State Veterans Cemetery, a retired Army Tank and a Servicemen’s Club. We also fly well over 200 U.S. flags throughout our little town.

This Preston mural represents everything that makes the people in town who they are. (Credit: Gabby Kinneberg)

Stories About Preston

For a small town, our community is one of the most giving you will find. Two years ago our bowling alley burnt down to the ground. In addition to being a recreational facility, it was one of three places to eat in town. Our town rallied together to raise money to help the family rebuild, and our city was able to make it easier for them to rebuild as well. If you ever travel through our town and find yourself broken down, I guarantee you someone will stop to see if you need help within five minutes. We are a rural community with a rich agriculture presence. When people are sick and unable to tend to their crops, a neighbor is over within a day. These are the every day kind of people you will find here. We have veterans in our community that travel hundreds of miles each week to the Twin Cities VA Hospital to escort their comrades. They volunteer. Our community also holds a holiday dinner every Christmas, where people can come have a nice warm meal for FREE. We never want anyone to spend Christmas alone.

The Root River runs right through town — convenient for anyone who wants to throw a line out! (Credit: Gabby Kinneberg)