Provincetown, MA

"The iconic gay resort of America welcomes everyone"

A Provincetown local finds a bench to lounge. (Credit: Norman and Teri Beaudoin)

Located 30 miles out into the Atlantic on the northern tip of Cape Cod, we have spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Artists, writers, and poets have come here for decades to produce their most famous works, such as novelist Norman Mailer and playwright Eugene O’Neill. We are totally off the grid, and still have the original Dune Shacks built from shipwrecks and driftwood. Provincetown is a magical place where you really experience the raw, wild, and wonderful differences of the four seasons. I have lived here since 1979 and very seldom do I venture into the “real world.” It’s a very respectable place, in which our friends and neighbors do not tolerate hatred or bigotry.

Stories About Provincetown

During my time here, we have had several tragic, massive fires. This town also has the best medical care for HIV/AIDS patients, and several options for those unable to afford a place to live. In the Fall and Winter, we have two organizations that provide daily meals for anyone in need assistance. I would not want to live anywhere else! AND it’s been recognized as the most dog-friendly resort in the country!