Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Main Library, OH

"We're here to help you with anything"

A children’s librarian reads to the kids — and one large dog. (Credit: Lisa Mauch)

The staff at the Main Library makes it their mission to be as helpful as possible to the thousands of people who come into our doors every year. They do all kinds of things, from taking passport photos to helping small business owners secure grant funding, to helping immigrants fill out paperwork to become naturalized citizens, to helping kids with their homework. They act as a concierge for tourists, teach English as a second language to new citizens, and help single parents fill out and turn in paperwork for housing and food assistance. They do such more more than recommend books — and they do it all with kindness and a sincere wish to make the lives of our residents a little bit better.

When big authors come through, the library rolls out the red carpet. (Credit: Lisa Mauch)

More Stories About the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Main Library

Alder Brannin is a children’s librarian at the Main Library. She was working one day when she noticed a child who was very upset. It turned out the family’s car had broken down and they were waiting on a tow truck to take them home. The kid was terrified of the truck. So Alder searched our collection and found several books about tow trucks. She gave them to the little boy and his family. She used the picture books to explain what it would be like riding in the tow truck and what would happen to the family car. The books really helped the boy calm down and the family was very relived and thankful for the help. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s little, kind interactions like that which happen every day inside the Main Library and it makes me so proud to be a cardholder.

Hands on with the kids. (Credit: Lisa Mauch)