Redeemer Church in Lansing, MI

"The sweet aroma of loving your neighbor "

A retired parishioner shovels snow from a widow’s driveway free of charge. (Credit: Nettie Wood)

They respect all people regardless of their status in the community. The church has a spirit of loving their neighbors and outreach to both children and seniors is important to them.

As a widow and living miles from my church and family, I called to ask if there were young people who shoveled snow as after school jobs for pay. The secretary said she would get back with me. When she did, she said someone would be calling me. When the call came, it was a retired member of their church who asked when I would be home and came over to meet me. When I asked how they wanted to be paid, they said even though this was their business, they did not charge widows. We finally agreed that I could contribute to their food pantry whenever I wanted. These gentlemen were more reliable than any snow removal services I’d had. I saw it as their ability to show the true church to the community.

Later when I visited their church, it was important that they show me their food pantry. I expected what I’d seen too many times; stale, outdated food, limited selections, but the area was spotless, well stocked, and as organized as any market. There were even shopping carts so those who “shopped” would be able to do so with s sense of dignity and respect unlike any community food pantry I’d seen in other places.

When I visited one of their worship services, there was a warm reception to me. Now the same members cut my grass. Again, their very presence in the community is the essence of goodness that represents the message of the church.