Saint George, UT

"Beautiful place with beautiful people"

Locals often explore nearby national parks for a family hike full of stunning views and fun. (Credit: Susan Lafaele)

We live in a wonderful place where the people are caring and kind. We live close to several national parks, Kolob Canyon (back side of Zion National Park), Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Tuchan Theater, Bryce Canyon, and the town we live in is beautiful. It is a quaint town with a college so we have the activities that come along with college life such as plays, sporting events, art, and music.  

We had lived here a few years when my husband received a phone call asking if we would be available the first week of June. My husband and I are school teachers so we are usually free. The anonymous person on the phone said they would be in touch and hung up. In March, we received another phone call informing us that someone had bought us tickets for a family trip to Disneyland including a room at a resort. We thought it was a joke, but the next week we received all the trip information. The week before we left, a card came in the mail with $200 worth of gas money and a note telling us they had observed us and wanted to give us a trip. To this day, we still don’t know who gave us this kindness. This is just one of many cases of service and kindness I have witnessed.

Locals help clean a neighbor’s yard. (Credit: Susan Lafaele)