Sauk Centre, MN

"The place you start missing while anywhere else"

The lunch caravan arrives at a favorite Sauk Centre eatery. (Credit: Grace Westerman)

Sauk Centre is the nicest place in the world because it is home. You know everyone in the neighborhood, and everyone knows you. You can feel the history pulsing through Sauk Centre’s veins. You love walking the town’s sidewalks. It’s that feeling you get when you are driving home from the cities or airport on the interstate and you see that giant American flag as you approach. A feeling that you are proud to be an American and are proud to call Sauk Centre home, where everything is happy and familiar. You are just so glad to be back! That pang of sadness when you look out your rearview window and watch the lights of Sauk Centre fade. It’s a place you unknowingly compare to everywhere else you go and you find it superior. It’s a town that somehow wins all your affection.

Stories About Sauk Centre

In the summertime, you feel welcomed by the big hanging baskets of flowers. In the wintertime you feel welcomed, and will likely receive an invitation inside for some hot dish. It’s a farming town with lots of hustle and bustle. Sinclair Lewis Days, the county fair, campgrounds at the lakes, the bike trail, parks, you name it.

Sauk Centre always has a warm edge about it and you can feel the Minnesota nice. Kids ride their bikes around, people wave and smile even if you don’t know them. Shopkeepers are always friendly and treat you like family. It’s a simple town with a taste of dust. People still hold doors open for you here. They will help you push your stuck car out of the snow. If they don’t have the answer to your problem, they’ll find somebody who does. They still gather and talk around the table here. You feel like your town is in a snow globe and nothing bad can touch it. The people of Sauk Centre care. They have an emotional sensitivity that lets them know how to care without ever popping the personal space bubble of the midwest. Sauk Centre has a pleasantness about it. Something you just can’t quite put your finger on but you know it’s there and you love it. A very welcoming, homey atmosphere with wonderful people. Calling Sauk Centre your hometown is a blessing.