Shelburne Bay, VT

"Breathtaking serenity"

Anchors away at Shelburne Bay. (Credit: Marcelle Whitcomb)

Shelburne is a great place to raise a family, with great schools, culture at the Shelburne Museum, avant-garde farming activities at Shelburne Farms, and several business along our lifeline, U.S. Route 7! But one of my favorite pastimes is looking out my window and enjoying the coveted sunrise and sunset over Shelburne. We have recently been named Tree City, USA!

Stories About Shelburn Bay

Last week I looked out my window and witnessed an elderly neighbor put aside her walker to secure a neighbor’s garage bin. Another neighbor baked dog treats and delivered to her neighbors who have dogs, despite not having any herself. Another neighbor (yours truly) baked dessert treats and walked over to deliver them to a neighbor.