Sneadsferry, NC

"Home of the Shrimp Festival"

Community members socialize outside. (Credit: Teresa Simmons)

It’s a small military town that is very welcoming. Whenever I visit, the locals are always smiling and appear happy. My brother and I lived in the Ferry every summer as children to get away from the NYC streets during summer break. It’s a family-oriented community, and they speak just like they’ve known you for years. As a New Yorker, this is very warm and comforting to see such cohesiveness amongst strangers.

I was on my way to the supermarket, and the amount of people who spoke to me had me looking back and trying to see if I remember them from somewhere. It took my elderly aunt to remind me that we were in the “Ferry,” and that’s what people did. She reminded me to just speak and keep going about my business, which is what I do every time I visit Sneadsferry.

Teresa’s family in the Ferry. (Credit: Teresa Simmons)