Stacey Hurford’s Group Exercise Classes at Villa Sport Athletic Club in Beaverton, OR

"Grateful fitness friends"

Stacey’s group class gets into the Halloween spirit. (Credit: Donnie Lee)

People from all backgrounds can come to find laughter, love, and wellness in a non-judgmental, all-welcoming safe place. Stacey’s 20+ year journey as a coach, trainer, and instructor has touched thousands of lives, and her impact goes so far beyond mere fitness. She instills a sense of loving kindness into all who participate, novice and expert alike. We share and care for each other everyday, and she helps us to be grateful for what we have and do the best we can for ourselves, family, friends, and strangers! None are excluded or left out. We have members who are in their 80s, some who are disabled, and people from all walks of life. Her dedication and commitment is unmatched, inspirational, and miraculous to behold and experience. Many can bear witness and testify — she’s a life-changer.

Stories About Stacey’s Group Exercise Classes

Where to begin…people share space and equipment regularly when there is not enough to go around. Sharing is no small thing these days. Members network with each other both in and out of class, for support and to help motivate each other. We have special celebration days for many holidays and occasions, any excuse to amp up the fun! Stacey celebrates class birthdays, new babies, or even just the day of the week. She advises with personal matters, fitness, or otherwise — her heart is always open to those in need. She is a tireless warrior whose service to others is endlessly inspiring in the fight against failing health. We owe her our lives for helping us all find our way in life.

Take a leap of faith and get out there — you won’t regret it. (Credit: Donnie Lee)