A Stitch N Time in Asheville, NC

"Nicest tailor and embroidery shop in America"

We help everyone that walks in the door. We keep Asheville looking good. We repair and fix all rips and tears, as well as hem dresses, pants, and sleeves. We embroider names and logos on anything the customer asks. We are great folks to know! We sewed up Bon Jovi’s pants when he was in town. We fixed Elton John’s jacket, and monogrammed a jacket for Reba. We’ve sewn patches on a jacket for Bob Morgan, the Memphis Belle Pilot. We made a shirt for Glenn Campbell. I have a million stories of the people we have sewn for. We did the balloons for the movie “My Fellow American,” and met James Gardener and Jack Lemon. I made a pair of sailor pants for Robin Williams when I lived in California, where Reggie Jackson was also a customer.

Stories About A Stitch N Time

Once, we had a customer who was 6’4″ and 250lbs. Her wedding dress needed to be tailored, and she was getting married on Christmas day. I spent Christmas Eve tailoring the dress and adding beads for her big day.