Superior, NE

"Start here, grow here"

Superior locals get a lift from a neighbor. (Credit: Shanel Rempe)

I have lived in Superior most of my life, and it is one of those towns where people smile and wave to those driving or walking by. People help each other during times of need, and volunteer as much as possible. Our town might have a small population, but the community always comes together when you need them.

Stories About Superior

A few years back we were faced with the possibility of losing our theater. A group of individuals came together to take it over, and now it opens each weekend thanks to volunteer support. Those same volunteers are raising money and remodeling the inside to help make sure we have a theater for many years.

We also have a nonprofit group that has taken over our Auditorium. The group has been working weekends and raising funds so it can finally open it’s doors again after 10 years of closure.

A church group helps build ramps in front of homes for people in wheelchairs, and we have people that do yard work for people that have become sick with cancer and can longer take care of their yards.

So many groups and organizations here help keep our town running. Superior would not be what it is today without the kind hearts of others.

With a community this generous, Superior is easy to root for. (Credit: Shanel Rempe)