Tucker’s Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH

"Ma & Pa diner serving home cookin' in Over-the-Rhine since 1946"

Tucker’s has grown through the years with the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, remaining a mainstay for more than 70 years. (Credit: Elizabeth Robinson)

In Cincinnati, people from all walks of life come together to create a community we’re proud to call home. Our neighborhoods, many of them renewed and revitalized but rich with history and tradition are a testament to that. In Cincinnati’s historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Tucker’s Restaurant has risen and fallen with the neighborhood’s changes, due in large part to the kindness and unwavering support of its patrons.

Joe Tucker (pictured) and his wife, Carla, run Tucker’s Restaurant, cook the food and know the regulars by name. Cincinnati’s very own version of “Cheers.” (Credit: Elizabeth Robinson)

Since 1946, Tucker’s has been known for its diverse clientele, neighborly niceness, and inexpensive, yet delicious food. Over the years, Tucker’s became a local staple, withstanding even the toughest of times. During the loss of local manufacturing and the decline of the area’s entertainment district, Tucker’s remained. It survived a time when Over-the-Rhine was considered the most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. It continued to welcome regulars and newcomers as Over-the-Rhine¬†began making its comeback.

Maynie Tucker, mother of current owner, Joe Tucker, opened Tucker’s Restaurant in 1946. Her photo is proudly displayed in the diner, and she can still be found working from time to time. (Credit: Elizabeth Robinson)

In July 2015, Tucker’s was hit hard, yet again, this time in the form of a kitchen fire. But a group of do-gooders came together to help resurrect the local favorite because of the kindness of the owners, Joe and Carla, and the community’s fondness for their favorite hotspot. Volunteers,¬†including professionals in construction, development and marketing, offered free services to revive Tucker’s Restaurant. And a community fundraiser at a nearby school featured a Tucker’s brunch to help raise funds for the reconstruction. Mirroring the kindness and hospitality of Tucker’s, the community came together to lift up one of their own.

A group of loyal customers and supports joined forces by volunteering their time, efforts and money to revive Tucker’s after it was closed due to a kitchen fire in 2015. (Credit: Elizabeth Robinson)

In September 2016, Tucker’s Restaurant reopened. Today, the diner continues to be a Cincinnati mainstay, thanks to the kind-heartedness of the community the inclusivity of the restaurant and the crave-worthy food that it serves.

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