Tulsa, OK

"The magic city"

The Turkish-American society surprises visitors with a lovely lunch. (Credit: Morgan Phillips)

In Tulsa, strangers smile at you, say hello and tell you how cute your baby is. They make pleasant elevator chit-chat about the weather and the University of Oklahoma Sooners. By and large, Tulsans are dreamers and doers, and they aren’t going to shoot down your latest idea. They’ll give you a pat on the back and help where they can.

Stories About Tulsa

I once rear-ended a woman in Tulsa. She had just gotten her car out of the shop 2 weeks earlier after she was in another fender-bender that was also not her fault. It was a stupid mistake, and I cried; the woman gave me a hug. It was Sunday and she’d just heard her pastor talk about being a blessing to someone. She smiled and said she knew she was supposed to be a blessing to me.

Neighbors babysit for the author’s children when she’s out. (Credit: Morgan Phillips)

For more about Tulsa, check out TulsaPeople Magazine‘s Vimeo channel.

Mainline Art Bar

Mainline is an art bar. In my experience, most art bars do neither well. Mainline is a spectacular exception. Owner Katy Eagleston curates a show each month of Tulsa artists. The room is decorated with her and her partner’s, Kelly Knowlton, private collection of Oklahoma artists. Plus, they have used mid-century furnishings brilliantly. Located in Tulsa’s Art District, it is the perfect complement to the ambitions of the district. Mainline is a place for artists and those who appreciate artists to congregate. During the Art District’s First Friday Art Crawl, friends meet at Mainline to exchange views on the happenings in the district and the wider art world. But throughout the week people enjoy the room and each other’s company. I seldom go to Mainline without seeing a friend there but if I don’t, it’s easy to make a new friend and discuss the current show, or whatever. Mainline is an oasis.

Locals enjoying the “art” and the “bar.” (Credit: RC Morrison)