Walla Walla Community College in Walla Walla, WA

"Best community college in Washington state"

Walla Walla students and accompanying pets hiking on a sunny day. (Credit: Karene Gibbs)

At Walla Walla Community College, teachers are nice and respectful to you as a student, and always want to see you rise to your full potential. Teachers like Connie Loomer, my Intercultural Communications teacher, have taught me so much about why it is important to respect others and learn about someone’s culture before passing judgement. Stephen Shoemake, an Anatomy and Physiology teacher, is really selfless he goes above and beyond for all his students, and I love him for that. Also, Jennifer Leber is an equally wonderful Mathematics teacher and person.

Stories About Walla Walla Community College

Circling back to Stephen Shoemake and Jennifer Leber, in 2017 my daughter had a seizure and had to be Life Flighted to Spokane. During this time I was studying, and frantically sent a message to both my teachers to inform them of the situation. I had lab exams the next day, but missed it because to be with with my daughter. Professor Shoemake allowed me to make up the lab test on my return, and I was so elated that he would do this for me. My math tutor did the same thing to work with me. Without their encouragement and reassurance that they would work with me, I would not have pulled through that quarter. Recently in 2018, Connie and Kristen, both teachers at Walla Walla Community College, worked with me when I had to go to a conference for two days. These teachers and our college’s president are wonderful people.

Karene and her daughter enjoying a Walla Walla hike. (Credit: Karene Gibbs)