Wauwatosa, WI

"Wauwatosa aka Tosa"

Family and friends visit their loved one at the senior living home, Lutheran Home & Harwood Place. (Credit: Eloise Schwarz)

Since 1973, my husband and I have lived in Tosa, a small suburb of Milwaukee. The people here are full of pride and passionate about the town’s history.  A long time ago, Wawautosa was once nothing but farm land and creeks. The Indians named this place after the fireflies around here, which we still have to this day. Today, Tosa is one of the fastest growing cities in Wisconsin. Vibrant and robust with an expanding community for all ages. Our Mayfair Park neighborhood has seen families come and go with generational changes since we live near three schools. We enjoy living here and being a part of a successful city that listens and interacts with their citizens.

A grandmother and her grandson spend some quality time together. (Credit: Eloise Schwarz)

We live in one of the “neighborhoods” here in Tosa, so it is understood that we take care of each other. We know our next door neighbors and make sure to keep on eye out when they are gone or  on vacation. We keep an eye on things in our neighborhood because we want to assure all is safe and to pay it forward. Anything from picking up someone’s mail to checking on a neighbor because they aren’t answering their phone is always a must-do item. 

A widow next door was not answering her phone. Her concerned daughter called my husband and I to make sure her mom was fine. We checked on her and noted she was just talking to her friend across the street. Her daughter was overjoyed to know her mom was fine. 

I may be a retired nurse but I always have my hand up my service for others.