Wilkes Barre General Hospital Mountaintop Campus Satellite in Mountaintop, PA

"A testing facility with the friendliest workers"

Local friends celebrate a birthday. (Credit: Sharon Davis)

We are the nicest place in America because we take care of people and their needs. We make sure their testing is done properly and make sure that the patients are the happiest at our facility. Also it is so nice of an area we have in Mountaintop. You need to come to visit.

Stories About Wilkes Barre General Hospital Mountaintop Campus Satellite

Our people in Mountaintop are so friendly they often help you out with whatever you are doing even if it is cutting your grass. We often cut our neighbors grass and even go to the store for them if they cannot get around. Some neighbors even help you fix your car if it is broken. And dont ask a penny . That there is a true act of kindness.